Millvale is part of a just watershed with productive and pleasurable landscapes.

Bioswale located at Mt. Alvernia.

Millvale’s identity is formed by water and the Borough and partners have been working to expand that identity beyond floods into ecologically rich and productive water parks. Green stormwater infrastructure like the rain gardens at the Library and in the Borough parking lot, as well as bioswales located near the historic Mt. Alvernia Campus, are examples of green infrastructure that residents with yards as well as businesses can implement to reduce the impact of stormwater runoff. In 2018, local residents established the Girty’s Run Watershed Association under the Allegheny Watershed Alliance with the support of New Sun Rising’s Launch Sustainability program.

Rain garden located adjacent to the front parking lots at Mount Alvernia.

As studies identify key low-cost high-return locations for further green infrastructure investments, residents can look forward to seeing even more gardens as well as rain barrels throughout town. Millvale is also partnering with a number of neighboring municipalities. Together, we are working to connect residents to the beautiful Riverfront Park, which is a huge environmental and economic asset, but has accessibility challenges due to the close proximity of Route 28’s on and off ramps to the entrance of the park.