Millvale is a clean air community where people breathe easy indoors and outdoors.

Small boroughs like Millvale share many of the same concerns about air quality as big cities like Chicago, San Francisco, or Toronto. Millvale needs to be proactive about projects and policies that can improve local conditions, while taking part in important regional conversations.

Millvale developed an award-winning Breathe Easy Air Quality Plan designed specifically for the community from a combination of research, data collection, analysis, and community members’ input.  Millvale will work to implement the recommendations, prioritizing recommendations that have an appropriate cost, impact, and timeline given the funding available. The sources of air pollution, effects of air pollution, and testing should be reevaluated on an annual basis to understand the impact that this project has had through the recommended initiatives have had on the community. 

The air quality dashboard at the Millvale Community Library.

One portion of the Breathe Easy Air Quality Plan consisted of air quality testing. Several sensors were placed in the borough to gain an understanding of how the time of day, and the proximity to roads, trees, and valleys affect the air quality in different portions of the borough. An Air Quality Dashboard was created to educate residents and visitors of Millvale on the continuous efforts for improvement of the air quality in Millvale.  The dashboard displays real-time data on Millvale’s air quality in the window of the Community Library.   We are currently working on a project to install this informative tool on park benches and bus stops to increase the availability of air quality data.

Building upon the findings of the Breathe Easy Plan, evolveEA and New Sun Rising teamed up to create the Community Air Toolkit. Whether you are a part of a community that is concerned about air pollution, a member of a small group of motivated citizens, or a single person with a big vision, they can help you build your community’s capacity to make a change related to air quality.